Barry Stephens speaks on Backflow Prevention in March 2013

Posted: Mar 20, 2013

Barry Stevens, Senior Water Quality Inspector with the City of Lubbock. Barry is also an approved TCEQ trainer and licensed Backflow assembly tester.

Barry Stevens, Senior Water Quality Inspector with the City of Lubbock.

On March 18, 2013 the ASSE South Plains Chapter welcomed Barry Stephens, Senior Water Quality Inspector for the City of Lubbock.  Barry provided an excellent presentation on the basics of Backflow Prevention and highlighted the importance of backflow prevention devices in both commercial and residential applications.

Backflow is the undesired, reverse flow of non-potable or dirty water back to the clean side of the water distribution system.  When this happens the potable water becomes contaminated and could eventually pollute a public water supply.  This can happen at a business or at home if the business owner or home owner is not aware of the potential hazards or if adequate precautions are not taken.

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Sling Safety:  Don’t be the Weak Link

Posted: Jan 22, 2013

By Renee Witherspoon, MS, CSP, CIH, CHMM, South Plains Chapter President

Deformation in a chain link found during inspection.

Being able to move materials safety and efficiently is key to a successful  job.  Everyone responsible for handling or moving materials from one location to the other should be familiar with the hazards especially if they have to rely on a sling.  Whether it is a chain sling, web sling or a rope sling, a sling is a tool, like other tools must be inspected and maintained in good working condition for it to work safely.Having good equipment is important, but knowing how to rig a load safely can save a life.   Good riggers are sometimes not appreciated as they should be.  They have many technical skills, such as being able to calculate weight distributions, understand load tables and hitch types, read engineering drawings, understanding of structural dimensions of a load and how it might affect the surrounding area, and a very important skill – being able to think fast on their feet so that they can avoid a possible accident.

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